amardeep steel centre

Amardeep Steel is one of the most important companies dealing in raw material. It deals in all types of metals. It has emerged itself as one of the leading players in the global market. Amadeep deals in the manufacturing and selling of mechanical and electrical components, assemblies, fittings and connecting devices, valves and related products. Apart from this it manufactures tools and die cast parts, hot forging alloy steel and high stress alloy steel.

“Amadeep Steel” was set up in Mumbai in 1977 and has its manufacturing unit in Delhi. The company expanded with the help of the finance and people movement and its present growth can be judged by the sheer quantity of goods that are manufactured here. It has several depots located in various states of India and one of them is located in Mumbai. The main product categories that Amadeep deals in are automotive, power generation, railway, steels, engineering products, marine, railway metal parts, pipe, welding and many more.

The amardeep steel centre has six warehouses, two manufacturing units and one distribution center for distributing its industrial raw materials. This warehousing facility processes the raw materials and then sells them to the leading industries and retailers. This warehousing facility not only helps the company to expand its business but also enables the company to save a lot of on the costs incurred for the purchase and export of the raw materials. The warehousing of Amadeep products is its prime asset, as the raw material is stored in a climate controlled environment which ensures the durability of the product.

The amardeep steel centre has four segments – North India, East India, West India and Central India. It markets its products in different sectors namely Transportation and Logistics, Manufacturing, Plastics and Refining, Engineering and Chemicals. The distribution center serves to the customers across the country.

“Amradeep Steel Plant” has four processing units for making tubes and pipes. These tubes are used in almost all the sectors of the industry from Pharmaceuticals to fabricated fabrics, automotive to turbine blades. The production of tubes and pipes is done by utilizing the high standard of man-made raw materials like iron, steel, aluminum, copper, brass and nickel. Some of the common products that Amadeep Steel Center produces are pipe fittings, gas fittings, joints, clamps, seat belts, rollers, cable ties, threaded rods, pipe covers and seals, pipe fittings, shrink wrap and shrink tubing.

Another product that is manufactured at the Amadeep Steel Centre is the heat exchangers. This is another important product that is required at various places and this is used for heating and cooling. These heat exchangers have the dual function of reducing heat and also increasing the pressure vessel capacity. They can be used for Refrigeration, Heating, Cooling and Air conditioning.

Steel pipe assembly is another product that is manufactured at the awardee steel centre and this is done to manufacture pipes and fittings for water, petroleum and chemicals industries. This is one of the most important process equipments that are required in the Indian industry. Apart from these products, the amardeep steel centre also manufactures the electrochemical process equipments and other electric process devices. This enables the companies to utilize their skills in various sectors and helps them to make a long term relationship with their clients. This has been an important aspect of the india’s industrial sector and also helps them in becoming a strategic partner in the field.

The amardeep steel centre was set up in Delhi by the Indian government as an Industrial Processing Zone. The main aim was to manufacture steel products like tubes and pipes for different uses. The main working structure of the plant is based on the concept of cycle manufacturing. In this concept, the products are manufactured and refined in a series and then they are sold. The cycle processing technique reduces the overall costs as it consumes less fuel and manpower thus enabling the company to provide competitive prices to their customers.